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As the Village Sleeps(2021)

As the Village Sleeps(2021)

0min | Horror, Mystery, Thriller| June 2021 | IMDb : -

Sarah organizes an elaborate birthday weekend at her family home with an unlikely group of friends and relatives, playing an unusual card game which soon proves dangerously unpredictable as its legend begins to take form in real time - pitting one against the other until finally one side succumbs completely to it all.

Director: Terry Spears

Cast: Chloe Caemmerer, Winnie Du, Mark Adam Goff, Michael Gum, Shiah Luna, Tyler Malinauskas, Daniel Olguin, Oliver Rotunno, Eleonora Saravalle, Kenzie Leigh Spears, Victoria Strange, Rane Thomason, Otis Watkins

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