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Screamers: The Hunting(2009)

Screamers: The Hunting(2009)

95min | Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller| February 2009 | IMDb : -

Humans travel to Sirius 6-B in response to an SOS signal sent from it following the destruction of man-made weapons known as "screamers". After arriving, they find human survivors living out a meager existence within an old military outpost - while discovering that threats posed by these human-shaped machines had only grown more dangerous with time due to them having the capability of taking human form themselves.

Director: Sheldon Wilson

Cast: a Holden, Jana Pallaske, Lance Henriksen, Greg Bryk, Christopher Redman, Tim Rozon, Dave Lapommeray, Jody Richardson, Stephen Amell, Holly Uloth, Darryl Hopkins, Stephen Lush, Stephen Dunn, Justin Madol, Sarah Small

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