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Shock Wave 2 (2020)

Shock Wave 2 (2020)

0min | Action, Crime, Thriller| December 2020 | IMDb : -

Poon Shing Fung, an officer in charge of bomb disposal, was caught by the explosion and lost a leg. Poon left the police force. Poon was suspected of involvement in multiple bombings in the last two years by the police three years after he had been found unconscious at the site of an attack.

Director: Herman Yau

Cast: Andy Lau, Ching Wan Lau, Ni Ni, Kwan-Ho Tse, Philip Keung, Ron Ng, Marc Ma, Tak-Bun Wong, Timothy Tse-sing Cheng, Timmy Hung, Ben Yuen, Wilfred Lau, Man-Lung Ling, Raymond Chiu, Babyjohn Choi

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