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Chasing Raine(2024)

Chasing Raine(2024)

0min | Action, Thriller| May 2024 | IMDb : -

Two elite soldiers; a mother and a father race against time to rescue their daughter from the clutches of a ruthless child trafficking syndicate , as they navigate through a treacherous labyrinth of danger and deceit. They must confront their own past traumas while shredding through a brutal underworld that thrives in secrecy.

Director: Quinanthony Bateman

Cast: Maurice P. Kerry, Krystal Jordan, Dall'asia Howard, DJ Walton, Scott W. Peterson, Jayla Walton, Steven Shelby, ChiffonaRay, Kelly Ladd, Marival Parish, Adrien Cannon, Courtney Wu, Joshua Wade, Seydou Maiga, Tim Davidson, Arica S Olive, Bruce Fogleman, Eric Croas

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